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This package of body contouring is for 3 sessions or 3 areas of cellulite treatment with a manual cellulite skin tightening massage as well.

V-Shape III

Not only cellulite reduction but also skin smooth. 


V-Shape III features the revolutionary combination of Bi-polar radio frequency (RF), infrared light energies, plus negative pressure and mechanical tissue manipulation.

The synergistic combination of infrared and conducted RF energies increase the oxygen intracellular diffusion by heating the skin. Vacuum and specially designed rollers manipulate and smooth our the skin to facilitate safe and efficient energy delivery.

The net result increases the metabolism of stored energy(lipolysis), increase lymphatic drainage and reduces or shrinks the size of the actual fat chamber.

The results: A reduction in the circumference of the treated area and a smoother appearance of the skin’s surface.

Body Contouring x 3

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